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Neraka Dunia is one of the book by Nur Sutan Iskandar. Nur Sutan Iskandar Indonesia is one of the prolific writers in 1930. This book was published in 1937. This book is printed about 166 pages more. publisher of this book is Balai Pustaka.
The title "Neraka Dunia" interesting enough to read. This novel tells the sad story of a young man named Ahmad Salam Bin Haji Munir. A young entrepreneur who successfully pass the store his father in selling Tools Home. In his youth he had a dark memories. Freedom whose parents gave him life was not frivolous, every night he went out to look for novelty.
beginning of the story as regards Ahmad met a girl named Siti Delima. Siti Delima Ahmad Salam often accompanied travel. but when Siti Delima accompany Ahmad Salam go to Surabaya. Siti Delima just disappeared without saying the words of farewell. it made Ahmad Salam often did things against religion. frequent sex, and finally Ahmad Salam suffering from syphilis. But the beauty of a woman named Aisha make Ahmad Salam interested and he got married Aisha.
Aisha who did not know her husband suffered from syphilis gave birth to a child. but the child lived only about a month because of the condition of children who was less healthy because of a disease passed down by his father. Aisha hated against Ahmad Salam who had lied to him. but a very strong feeling of love made Aisha and Ahmad Salam continue to live together.
This novel is very good and famous. and still be booked that are sought after by people because the story is very touching and very interesting.
But the novel is already very old age. and the language used was a little difficult to understand because it was republished about 6 times.
In the end, I highly recommend this book to be read in youth because of the elements contained in this book very interesting and could be a good reading material. I think this book is perfect to read people of all ages.

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