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As we know, the road very important for day lives. Many vehicle pass every day, but the condition of the road from Punggur until Gaya Baru is very bad. There many holes that covered the road, small and big holes.

The bad road influent the trade. Many merchants from various places across the street to get Metro cities. They buy various goods in Metro. But if the bad road conditions can interfere their work. They can lose money due to delays in delivering or purchasing goods. Not only that, the traders will also be free to pass this way because the condition are very bad nets do not allow them to carry fragile goods.

There are many victims because of the bad road. The motorcyclist are also the victim if the road is not immediately repaired. Small holes that exists in this road caw become a very serious treat, they caw fall due to hit this hole. Many people die from traffic accident, which caused a very bad road condition.

The bed road can break the vehicles. Many vehicles also broke out tires when crossing this road. Those who do not know the condition of the road will definitely hit the hole and not infrequently their tires will burst. This can be very detrimental to those who pass. They will suffer losses in terms of material or time.

We recommend that this should places continuously. Government should be accountable for damage to road Punggur until Gaya Baru. It would be very advantageous if the road conditions better now. There will be no more accidents which causes loss of life.

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