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In the middle of USA, there was famous school, named Kanan’n Art. Kanan’n Art is the first International acting school in USA.
            This month, was new month for new student in Kanan’n Art. One of them was Hanna.

Mr. Teacher    : Good morning every body? Well our class, there was a new student! Hanna     please introduce your self!
Hanna              : Ok, good morning class? My name is Hanna, I’m 16 years old. Please help me.
Sean                : Hey girl. I want to ask you. What’s your dream?
Hanna              : I have a dream, I want to be a actress, because really that I like acting and I will do anything to enter this school.
Sean                : Good reason Hanna, Thanks.
Hanna              : Your welcome.
Deassy             : What? 16 years old? She is so young. How can she enter to this class? She has little possibility!
Elise                 : Hello girl! Your dreams is so high! By the way, it’s class for adult people like me 17 years old. Instruction sir, how can if Hanna enter in the junior class? Like the other new student?
Mr. Teacher    : Stop! Deassy, Elise, silent please! Age isn’t problem in this school. Why not? Because Hanna have the high quality in acting, same with you as the senior! Its mean that Hanna is your sister!
Elise                 : What? Sister? No thanks!
Deassy and Elise         : Yes sir!
Mr. Teacher    : You can sit Hanna.

Hanna is a clever girl, because of it she can enter to the executive class. This class for special student that good for acting.
Deassy             : Do you know Elise? She will broken our dream! She will be our rival!
Elise                 : Yeah, I think so Deassy!
Deassy             : I don’t let this accident to be happened. Spirit!!!
            Deassy and Elise , felt very hate with Hanna. Because they are thought that Hanna will broken their dream, because they are has a same dream that is to be a actress.
Elise                 : Hey you! If you think you can win from this fighting! you false girl!
Hanna              : No, I never think like that. Because all of you is my sister.
Deassy             : Hahaha, your sister? Its so funny Hanna! I will say it one more time if you want   to stay in this school, don’t think to be the first people in this class, because….
Elise                 : Deassy is the best here!!!
Deassy             : That’s right! Understand you?
Hanna              : Yeah, off course.
Sean                : Hah? All of you is a crazy people! Go now talk active girl!!!
Deassy and Elise         : Stupid you!
Sean                : Hanna, don’t think about it. They are not important people.
Hanna              : Yeah, I know Sean. There are think so far about me.
Sean is the good friend for Hanna, because Deassy and Elise very arrogant with her.
And 3 days later, Kanan’n Art will be held a spectacular event of acting. This event is so important for Kanan’n Art. Because all of TV station in USA record about it.
Mrs. Teacher  : Well class, all of you know that 3 days later our school will be held a spectacular event of acting.
All of student   : Yes miss.
Mrs. Teacher  : Ok here, I want to choose all of you, as the character of this drama.
Deassy             : Instruction miss, who is the first character to perform this drama?
Mrs. Teacher  : Ok, lets see. The title of our drama is Snow Black. First character is for Sean and Hanna as prince Snow Black and Princess Snow White. And for antagonist character is Deassy as Princess Stella And Elise as miracle mirror and magician.
Elise                 : What? Little girl will be first character? No miss….! I have complain about it, me and Deassy more senior than Hanna. How can Hanna get this character?
Hanna              : Hah? Me? I cant believe it!
Deassy             : You are so disgusting! Its true miss as the first character she most give the totality acting to the audience. And I believe that Hanna cant do it!
Sean                : Hello, Deassy, Elise you are so noisy! You are cant change this conclusion. Its from school you know!
Deassy and Elise         : SEAN!!!
Mrs. Teacher  : Stop! Silent please! Deassy, Elise you cant change this conclusion and start from tomorrow all of you must practice about it. And for you Hanna, what do you think about it?
Hanna              : Hmmm, because this conclusion from school, I will do this as my assignment miss.
Sean                : Hahaha, I like your style Hanna.
Mrs. Teacher  : Good job Hanna. For all of you, keep spirit! Ok, enough for today. Afternoon!!!
All of student   : Afternoon.
3 Days later.
MC                  : Good night every body! How are you guys? Well, in this beautiful nightwe will see the spectacular event of acting from Kanan’n Art. Guys! Kanan’n Art is the first international acting school in USA! Yeah, well I hope all of you will be the testimony of this event! And this is from Kanan’n Art!!!
( All of character enter to the stage)
Sean                : Good night all! We from Kanan’n Art! Well my name is Sean as prince Snow Black.
Hanna              : My name is Hanna as Princess Snow White.
Deassy             : My name is  Deassy as Princess Stella.
Elise                 : My name is Elise as magician and miracle mirror.
Sean                : And guys! This is Snow Black!!!
( Opening)
Deassy             : Hey, miracle mirror! I call you, I want to ask you. Who is the beautiful girl in the world?
Elise                 : Hahaha, the beautiful girl in this world is you! Just you princess Stella.
Deassy             : Hahaha, its right? And can I married with prince Snow Black?
Elise                 : For this question, the answer is NO! you can not married with him, because Princess Snow White will be married with him.
Deassy             : No? Why? What is the reason? I’m is the beautiful in this world! Why not?
Elise                 : I have command for you! You are still a beautiful princess in this world, but you are so arrogant. He didn’t like that.
Deassy             : No! You false! I don’t believe with you! You are stupid mirror!!! I must meet with him!
Suddenly Princess Stella go to Prince Snow Black castle.
(Prince Snow Black playing guitar)
Deassy             : Nice voice ( give applause)
Sean                : Thanks Princess Stella.
Deassy             : You know me?
Sean                : Yeah, you are beautiful so popular in the country.
Deassy             : Thanks.
Sean                : Your welcome.
Deassy             : Hmmm, Prince Snow Black???
Sean                : what’s up?
Deassy             : Prince, would you marry with me?
Sean                : Hah? No way!
Deassy             : No? Why?
Sean                : You are so beautiful is so famous, but your arrogant also popular to. Caused I don’t like you.
Deassy             : Oh? Its mean that you like Princess Snow White?
Sean                : How can you know abouit it? Yeah, that’s right!
Deassy             : Hah? You are so stupid prince! You had to refused me! Caused you will die! Megician!!!
Elise                 : I’m coming princess.
Deassy             : lets curse him! He is refused me!
Elise                 : Ok.
Sean                : No, what will you do?
Elise                 : you will sleep forever. Until the true love come to you!
Sean                : NO. . . (sleep)
Deassy and Elise : Hahaha, yeah…!
And then after  10 days, the true love came.
Hanna              :  Princess Snow Black? Where are you? Hah? Prince Snow Black that is you? Ok, I will help you! What can I do for you? Yeah, I have idea.
( Princess Snow White take a glass of water want to spray Prince Snow Black, before it Prince Snow Black get up)
Sean                : Hehehe, thanks for the water. Hi, Princess Snow White.
Hanna              : You get up prince? I don’t believe it. You know me?
Sean                : Yeah off course, cause you are my true love.
Hanna              : Sure?
Sean                : Yah!
And for the last story prince Snow Black and Snow White married and life happy ever after.
Sean                : Thanks for your attention, last say nice to meet you!
After drama event finish, Kanan’n Art more popular than before. Because the Snow Black success performed. All of TV station and audience like about it.
Mrs. Teacher  : Hanna! You are so fantastic, and you Sean good job for you.
Hanna              : Thanks miss, its because our spirit and off course cooperation  especially for Sean, Deassy, and Elise as my senior.
Sean                : Thanks miss.
Dessy               : I don’t think so. . . ( Go )
Elise                 : You are so disgusting Hanna!
Deassy and Elise fell so hate with Hanna, because they are jealous with her, because just Hanna and Sean that had price from the teacher.
Deassy             : Oh, its bad dream for me. She will get her dream and me. . . ? not yet. I hate you Hanna, you are so disgusting people!
Next day, all of TV program talk about Kanan’n Art school. Sean, Hanna, Deassy, and Elise get a invited by talk show event in the one of TV national program.
MC                  : What do you fell after all of you get invited from our program?
Sean                : Off course, all of me and my friends fell so happy, its first time for me and my friends.
MC                  : And what do you think, Deassy as the senior you have a junior, that has high quality in acting?
Deassy             : Off course you mean, that Hanna. I think she is power full, kind, and also think smart girl. Maybe she can defeated me!
MC                  : And how about you Hanna?
Hanna              : Its false think, if Deassy say I will defeated her. Because she is still my senior. Off course she is more good than me.
MC                  : Give applause! Positive command I think. And for you Elise, I know that you don’t like acting in the first time you enter in Kanan’n Art, how about it?
Elise                 : Yeah, in the first time I don’t like acting but in the last semester, I start like with acting. Until now I like acting.
MC                  : Good job for you Elise! And also for you all, give applause!
All                    : Thanks.
MC                  : Oh, all of you will be get your dream. As actor and actress.
Hanna              : Its right?
MC                  : Yeah, I will explain about it our corporation will give some contract to you, to be our actress and actor in our project. And off course you are capability to be more than before will be true!
Deassy             : Oh, its really? Thanks God!
MC                  : Congratulations!
All                    : Thanks.
After the talk show finish Deassy will say something with Hanna.
Deassy             : Hanna wait a minutes!
Hanna              : What’s up Deassy?
Deassy             : Hann, I’m sorry?
Hanna              : For what?
Deassy             : Since we meet in the first time I have a negative think with you, that you will broken my dream.
Hanna              : Yes, I know about it. I had to give you pardon. Calm down.
Deassy             : Thanks Hanna, now I know that because of you, Our dream will be reality. Thanks.
Elise                 : Thanks Hanna.
Hanna              : Ok, now you are y sister?
Deassy and Elise         : Yeah off course.
And finally Hanna, Sean, Deassy, and Elise be a good friend.
Deassy and Elise now like Hanna, because they are know that Hanna had to help their dream to be reality.

            And from the story we can get one message, don’t habe a negative think wit someone that we never know before. Because people in our flash is important people in our live.

~The End~


Agung Ayu Retno Sari             : Elise, Magician, and miracle mirror.
Pamula Tony Andhika Wati    : Deassy, Princess Stella, MC, and Mrs. Teacher.
Woro Puspita Ningrum           : Hanna and Princess Snow White.
Yasep Atmaja                          : Sean, Prince Snow Black, and Mr. Teacher.

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